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October Already?

Where has the summer gone? Heck, where has this year gone?

I’m amazed, but not really complaining.  October is my favorite month.  I always think that I could fill fifteen beautiful October weekends with all of the things I want to cram into this month.  I want to go to the NC Seafood Festival, I want to go to the State Fair at least half a dozen times, I want to go camping, I want to go to Howl-O-Scream, I want to carve pumpkins, and decorate the house, and have friends over to watch football.  I want to go off for a weekend, just Andrew and me, to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  So, so many things to fill October.  We never get to them all.  I’ve actually never been to the Seafood festival, and a weekend away probably isn’t happening this year.  Making it up to Williamsburg is questionable, since we no longer have a friend who lives/works there and a sweet 30% discount at the park.

But, that’s all okay.  It’s fall here in NC, and you can’t make me sad about that.

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What a week

What a week.  I feel like I’ve hardly had time to sit down.  The NC State Fair was held this week, here in Raleigh.  Andrew has never missed a State Fair.  Last year it was a close call, since we were on our honeymoon during part of the festivities.  But his record remains.

This year we’ve gone to the Fair three times.  Even with puppy class this week, and work being crazy, we’ve spent a lot of time at the Fair.  I grew up hours away from here, and coming to the fair just once was an all day adventure that left us all tired and grumpy.  Living near Raleigh has allowed us to spread out our fried-food consumption for almost the whole week of the event.

The first Saturday the Fair was open my dad came down and the three of us headed off to see what we could find to see and eat.  I was really surprised how many people were there, even for a Saturday.  There has been so much talk of recession and of tightened budgets, I was surprised to see so many people out for what can be a pricey day of entertainment.  Andrew and I went two more evenings to explore some more and eat some new things.

I love the Fair. I love the “Got to be NC” tent.  I love the Village of Yesteryear.  I love the competitions (see my Day Zero list, I even want to enter something).  I love seeing all of the bounty of our state.

I like how important it is to Andrew that we go every year, it’s become important to me too.  We look forward to it for weeks each year, and the Fair doesn’t disappoint.  I’m already excited for next year.

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