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not much outside makes me shudder (warning, there’s a photo of a snake in here)

Andrew and I have been out working in the yard this morning.  Emma and I are inside right now while Andrew takes care of a few unsavory yard visitors.

Let’s get one thing out there before you go jumping to conclusions.  I know that snakes and spiders and all manner of bugs and critters are important to the vast ecosystem.  If I find a spider in the house I usually just toss it outside.  I hate to kill them.

But, those three black widows out there? They had to go.  It’s different when they’re aggressively poisonous and living where I like to garden and Emma likes to play.  If we were out hiking and found them in the woods, I’d leave them be.  Well, actually I’d probably get closer to them then people usually think is acceptable just because I think spiders are beautiful and fascinating.

But one thing that I’m not interested in seeing, up close or otherwise? This guy:

That’s a baby eastern garter snake, according to my husband and Google.  It’s smaller than a pencil, and gives me the creeps.  I know there are snakes in my yard, I’m gad there are snakes in my yard.  I don’t want to see the snakes in my yard.  He (I didn’t sex him) didn’t suffer the same fate as the black widows, he was just hanging out in the bowl until Andrew finished searching for more spiders and then he got released back into the bushes.  I’m currently inside on the sofa with my feet pulled up here with me trying not to think about it.


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