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Showing off your smart phone.

Let’s just get this out of the way right now…I don’t have an iPhone.

Whew, okay. Still with me?

This isn’t to say that I don’t have a cell phone, or that I’m anti-smart phone.  I have an Android phone, I’ve had it for almost two years…and I hate it.  It’s not Android that I hate, or Google (I L-O-V-E Google), it’s my particular device.  It’s a model that was known to be annoying as hell…except that wasn’t widely known until after I owned mine.  I have the first generation of a phone whose third generation (out now) is a really popular model.

So, it’s no secret among my friends and co-workers that I’m not smitten with my current phone.  When our contract renewal comes up next month, I’m getting a new phone.  Here’s where things get tricky.

Some of you may know that Apple recently released a new version of their celular device.  It seems like everyone these days either just got the iPhone 5, or wants to get the iPhone 5.  Andrew’s one of these people, he’s certain that’s his next phone (just one more month!).  I’m not so certain.

So why is it, when iPhone users find out that I ::gasp:: might get another Android next month when my renewal is up, they feel the need to hand me their phone?  It’s as if they’re saying “Oh, you must not have seen this…here, hold this iPhone 5, let the magic wash over you”.

What am I supposed to do with their phone?  It’s awkward.

I don’t know what they expect of me, and this is becoming a problem.  It happend to me the other day at the Apple store, in a room full of demo phones, some random guy handed me his personal phone when he heard I didn’t have an iPhone.  It happened to me twice this week at work, people pulled their iPhone 5 out of their pocket and handed it to me.  What do they expect me to do?  It’s as if they think I’ve never seen how one works.  I have.  I own an iPod.  Andrew has an iPad.  I’m typing this on a MacBook, you don’t need to teach me about Apple, you don’t need to show me how the phone looks (it looks exactly like the iPod and iPad).  I am always tempted to say “oh, thanks!” and just walk away with it, because that’s the only logical response I can think of.  But I’m not into theft.

So, have you been handed random people’s iPhones or other smart phones?  What do you do when it happens?


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