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My Garden

Planting a vegetable garden was another Day Zero goal of mine.

My poor garden.  It was doing SO well.  The squash was amazing, the zucchini was great.  The cucumbers and tomatoes were doing wonderfully.  The fennel and carrots and herbs were green and beautiful.

Then the grass started growing, and it didn’t rain for over a week, and it was a dry mess out there.  Things have died, things have stopped producing.  Things have bolted.  It’s bad.

I’m sad to say, that I’ve lost all but one of my zucchini plants (I had four), and I’m down to two of one kind of squash plant (of four).  I did find a zucchini blossom this morning, so I’m hopeful that the one plant will survive.  My squash hasn’t bloomed in a while, but we’ve set up a new watering system for it, so I haven’t lost hope yet.

We’ve weeded and mulched the bed in the foreground of this pic.  And now it’s 100+ degrees and too hot to be out there with much to do the bed in the background (where the yellow squash and bell peppers are).  I’m still hopeful that it can be saved.  I know now that I need to do more upfront, even when the garden is doing so well, to protect from the dry days to come.

But for a first garden on my own, I think I’m doing okay.  We’ve eaten many meals out of it so far, and supplemented with produce from the local farmers’ market.

One thing that does love the heat and sun, are the zinnias.  I plant flowers in the garden because they attract bees, and remind me of my mother’s garden.  And because they’re so pretty.  I love to cut these and bring them in the house.


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I’m so mad there’s steam coming out of my ears and Andrew is as happy as a pig in mud.

Or, alternate title:  “Hoodlum neighbor kid’s Punk-ass friend broke our gate”.

Kids these days…  Grumble grumble…  When I was their age…  Etc.

The alternate title pretty much sums it up.  Punk-ass kid broke our gate.  The neighborhood kids were playing some kind of chasing and hiding game and one of the neighbor kid’s friends went tearing through our back yard.  BACK yard! He doesn’t even live around here, he’s trucked in from some other area where they clearly don’t learn manners or property laws.  He came in one gate, left it hanging wide open, then ran into a second gate; he attempted to open it the wrong way, bent the hinges, bent the latch, and broke the picket on the fence post it’s attached to (kid had some forward mass & momentum, if you know what I mean).  Then, having only managed to open it about eight inches the wrong way (conveniently about the width of Emma) he proceeded to run through the yard again and go out our third gate, leaving it wide open.  Know how I know all of this?  I saw him.  I was about to let Emma out when he went tearing through the first time.  I heard the pop when the wood broke and then saw him go running back the other way.  Punk-ass kid is quick.

So, I’m mad.  Emma’s mad because she’s not allowed outside without supervision.  She could get out of the fence right now, and that’s not acceptable.  And Andrew, well, he’s happy.  He’s just as pleased as he can be for an excuse to break out the power tools unexpectedly on a Wednesday night.  He’s out there all bundled up with some kind of light system set up, he’s got two different types of saws, his drill, and all sorts of screws and bolts working out there.

I’m honestly glad it was Punk-ass kid and not Hoodlum neighbor kid who broke the gate.  I’d probably stay mad at neighbor kid, but I don’t have to see Punk-ass kid on a daily basis.  Plus, I’m glad Andrew’s handy enough that he can fix it no problem.  Emma’s really glad of that too, she’d really like to get out there and explore in the yard some more.

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Antique and Vintage Furnishings

This is my uncle’s Antique store, Antique & Vintage Furnishings.  It’s located on Main street in High Point, home to the semi-annual Furniture Market.  We see my uncle all the time, but hardly ever go by his shop.  And we really should go more often.  I love walking through and looking at all of the cool things he has (check out that awesome gold swirly dresser front you can see in the window!).  Here’s a few photos I snapped today while he wasn’t looking.

He arranges his glassware by color.  It makes it really easy to find whatever you’re looking for, or browse around to find something that’ll match your decor.

These are green and purple, even though my camera makes them look black.

Pink and gray


Milk glass

I love the little hobnail sugar bowl you can barely see there to the right of the candlestick.  And the milk glass punch cups hanging there are adorable.  They make me want to throw a party just so I can use them.

His shop isn’t all glass.  He’s got great furniture pieces, and old books and instruments and some really cool art.  There’s an awesome set of glass spice bottles in a display tray that I was really tempted by.  I could have stayed in there taking photos all day, but my camera battery died, so you’ll just have to go see it for yourself.

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not much outside makes me shudder (warning, there’s a photo of a snake in here)

Andrew and I have been out working in the yard this morning.  Emma and I are inside right now while Andrew takes care of a few unsavory yard visitors.

Let’s get one thing out there before you go jumping to conclusions.  I know that snakes and spiders and all manner of bugs and critters are important to the vast ecosystem.  If I find a spider in the house I usually just toss it outside.  I hate to kill them.

But, those three black widows out there? They had to go.  It’s different when they’re aggressively poisonous and living where I like to garden and Emma likes to play.  If we were out hiking and found them in the woods, I’d leave them be.  Well, actually I’d probably get closer to them then people usually think is acceptable just because I think spiders are beautiful and fascinating.

But one thing that I’m not interested in seeing, up close or otherwise? This guy:

That’s a baby eastern garter snake, according to my husband and Google.  It’s smaller than a pencil, and gives me the creeps.  I know there are snakes in my yard, I’m gad there are snakes in my yard.  I don’t want to see the snakes in my yard.  He (I didn’t sex him) didn’t suffer the same fate as the black widows, he was just hanging out in the bowl until Andrew finished searching for more spiders and then he got released back into the bushes.  I’m currently inside on the sofa with my feet pulled up here with me trying not to think about it.

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I’m going to be able to cook without making a fool of myself

Y’all.  I’m so excited.  I can hardly wait until Thursday.  On Thursday, wonderful things will happen.  Life changing, wonderful things.  On Thursday, this is coming to my house:

I can’t wait to have a gas stove!  When we were buying a house, a gas stove or the ability to put one in was one of my requirements.  The house we bought was piped for gas, but has this lovely new stove in its kitchen:

Eew, glass flat top.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this stove, except that I hate it.  It takes for-freakin’-ever to boil water and I burn pretty much everything I try to cook on it.  Unacceptable.

So, this one is going to its new home in Andrew’s mom’s house (her current stove is only half-functional, but she doesn’t cook much) and our new beauty will be delivered Thursday.

I’m not counting my chickens or anything.  So this week’s meal plan involves lots of crock pot and oven recipes, pretty typical of what we’ve been eating since I discovered my hatred for the flat top.  But I’m excited to be able to cook with more control.

(photos from

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I like old stuff.

I like old stuff.  Mostly furniture, but also clothing styles.  Most of our furniture is antique, and I love it, but it sure makes it hard to shop for coordinating pieces.  I can’t just run down to the Rooms-To-Go and find a dining room table that won’t look ridiculous when in the same line of sight as the stuff we have.

Our stuff is what the trendy people would call “mid century modern”.  I just call it pretty.  We’re lucky enough to have had this stuff passed down to us by family members because since Mad Men became so popular purchasing mid century stuff is $$$$.  It’s trendy again, which amazes me.  I’m not usually one on the forefront of any kind of style (because I like old things, remember?)

I’ll probably talk about our other rooms later as things start coming together here in our (new) house, but for now here’s an example; our living room stuff looks like this:

I love green.  Our sofa is green too, I’ll save that for another post.  Please also excuse my crappy photos.  I’m working on it, I promise.  Our living room has a long way to come.  We need some serious accessorizing and we need to get some art and photos up on the walls, also we need an overhead light.  But the furniture, I love.

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