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My Garden

Planting a vegetable garden was another Day Zero goal of mine.

My poor garden.  It was doing SO well.  The squash was amazing, the zucchini was great.  The cucumbers and tomatoes were doing wonderfully.  The fennel and carrots and herbs were green and beautiful.

Then the grass started growing, and it didn’t rain for over a week, and it was a dry mess out there.  Things have died, things have stopped producing.  Things have bolted.  It’s bad.

I’m sad to say, that I’ve lost all but one of my zucchini plants (I had four), and I’m down to two of one kind of squash plant (of four).  I did find a zucchini blossom this morning, so I’m hopeful that the one plant will survive.  My squash hasn’t bloomed in a while, but we’ve set up a new watering system for it, so I haven’t lost hope yet.

We’ve weeded and mulched the bed in the foreground of this pic.  And now it’s 100+ degrees and too hot to be out there with much to do the bed in the background (where the yellow squash and bell peppers are).  I’m still hopeful that it can be saved.  I know now that I need to do more upfront, even when the garden is doing so well, to protect from the dry days to come.

But for a first garden on my own, I think I’m doing okay.  We’ve eaten many meals out of it so far, and supplemented with produce from the local farmers’ market.

One thing that does love the heat and sun, are the zinnias.  I plant flowers in the garden because they attract bees, and remind me of my mother’s garden.  And because they’re so pretty.  I love to cut these and bring them in the house.

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Day Zero item: Go to a musical

Way back what seems like years ago I posted my Day Zero list and explained what Day Zero is all about.

One of the things on my list was “Go to a musical” and last week, we crossed that one off.

WICKED came to DPAC again this month (it showed here two years ago as well) and Andrew and I went to see it.  I really love the Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC), they do a great job making the place clean and comfortable and fun to visit.  And, any place that allows (encourages, even) me to take a glass of wine into the show with me has my vote for a fun evening out.

I’d gone with a friend two years ago to see WICKED, and this time Andrew came along.  The show was just as incredible as I’d remembered.  Andrew wasn’t too thrilled about going in the first place, but he really enjoyed it.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.  It’s funny (really!), it makes me cry, it makes me happy in that feel-good-movie sort of way.

I’ve had the songs playing through my head since last week (FIERO!!!!) so it’s been fun to extend the experience a little that way.

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