A surprise weekend

For some unknown reason, I keep thinking that this weekend (you know, the one who starts as soon as I get home from work today) is the first weekend in February/Superbowl weekend.  Maybe it’s because I’m really excited for that weekend, some friends are coming into town and we’re hosting a small super party (see, licensing crazies, I didn’t infringe on your copyright just there).  Maybe it’s because this month seems to have lasted forever.  Maybe it’s the Moon’s cycle.  Who knows.

What I do know, is that now I’m faced with a surprise weekend.  One I didn’t plan for.  And I’m excited.  We’re probably not going to do anything much.  But I am really looking forward to spending the weekend at home and maybe getting some photos hung or other small things done that I’ve been putting off.  Hopefully we’ll get together with some friends for dinner, or play some Wii or something.  I’m excited.

What do you like to do with a bonus weekend?


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