Spring weekends are precious.  And yes, I know it’s not spring.  But tell that to the flowers blooming in my yard, and to the thermometer.  Pretty soon tax season will take over Andrew’s weekends.  And his weekdays.  And weeknights will be taken over by schoolwork.  So while they last, the weekends are precious.

This weekend was beautiful.  Temps were pushing 70, the sun was shining.  It was perfect.  Andrew and I decided to take a few hours and head over to the NC Museum of Art.  There’s a special exhibit at the museum right now called “Rembrandt in America” (it’s there through Jan 22!), and since Andrew and I are museum members, we could go free.  I love the NCMA.  It’s been too long since we’d gone.  The exhibit was awesome, and it was great to see some of our favorites in the permanent collection.  Plus there are some other cool things in the rotating collection right now.  We didn’t get to see the Audubon exhibit this time, but we’ve agreed to go back soon so we won’t miss it.

Here’s some photos from the day:

The museum has an awesome stainless steel tree outside. Roxy Paine’s “Askew”

This beautiful lady is one of my favorites.

This Mona Lisa is made (upside down and backwards and huge) from suspended spools of thread. The convex looking glass (in the foreground) flips it around and makes it appear approximately the appropriate size.

I love this abstract.

The Rodin garden is another favorite

The NCMA is one of the many reasons Andrew and I love living in this area.  It’s great to be able to decide over lunch that we want to go to the museum in the afternoon, and spend enough time there in the afternoon to make the trip enjoyable. Hopefully we can make it back soon!



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  1. Howdy! By coincidence I went to see the Rembrandt in America this week, too! If you like NCMA you will love these 3 other art venues within the area. The Weatherspoon Art Museum on the UNCG campus in Greensboro.In Winston you’ll find SECCA and the gallery at Wake Forest both have outstanding revolving contemporary art exhibitions. Cheers!

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