I have an Intermediate dog.

Tonight was Emma’s Graduation night.  Emma graduated (with colors, although I’m not sure they were flying) from intermediate obedience class at our local PetSmart.  (I never know if it’s supposed to be PetsMart or PetSmart, but I think it’s the second one.)

Check out her hat! (she’s not amused by the hat)

Our usual trainer was out under mysterious circumstances that might be emergency surgery, and the new (to us) girl was tough!  She timed our “sit-stay” and “down-stay” and all that, it’s hard to sit still for a full minute when you’re not even six months old and you’re at your favorite place with all your friends.

Andrew hadn’t been to class in a couple weeks, and even he was impressed with Emma’s “heel” and she was a champ at waiting at the door.  I’m super proud of her tonight!  We’re taking a break before we start the advanced class.  Andrew’ll be busy with tax season, and I’m going to be traveling for work.  Plus, we want the trainer to have a chance to recover and come back, we like her style, and hope she’s feeling better soon!


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