New Year, and all that.

Well, we’ve made it to calendar year 2012.  It’s been fiscal 2012 in my life for six months already, so I’m glad the rest of y’all could finally catch up.  Of course I’m still using work year 2011, and will until at least fiscal 2013 when we’ll start using 2012, and there’s the occasional project that’s running on a 2010 or 2009 timeline.  And I’ve been looking at 2008 grant documents lately.  Confused yet?  Me too.

I’ve been sick all week, so all of the things I wanted to get done in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day went by the wayside and instead there’s been napping and using ridiculous amounts of kleenex and drinking coke out of a can with a straw from a horizontal position on the sofa.  I’ve graduated to sitting up today, it’s been pleasant.  I just sneezed as I typed that.

So, back to the New Year stuff.  I don’t make resolutions.  I never have.  I don’t think the new year is a good time to start things.  I like to start new projects as soon as they come to mind.  Or sometimes, if I’m planning something out, I’ll start something new with a seasonal change.  Like “as soon as it warms up in the Spring, I’ll take Emma for extra long walks every day”.  There’s no reason to start that in January (especially when we’re nearing record low temps tonight, it might even s-n-o-w, which is a four letter word in this house so I’m not even going to talk about that).  So yeah, I’m not making resolutions.  A couple things I have been trying to do lately include reading more (I didn’t make my 2011 goal on Goodreads) and doing something every day to improve my quality of life.  Lately that’s been taking nyquil and sleeping with a glass of water by the bed.

Hopefully I’ll get over this sickness and start making major project on the house soon so I can share it with y’all.


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