Richmond is weird. I like it.

Andrew, Emma and I piled in the car last weekend and drove up to Richmond to hang out with friends.  This is not a picture of our car.

I’ve driven through Richmond too many times to count, but I’d never visited the city as a destination.  We were only there for a weekend, and the main goal was to hang out, but we couldn’t miss the Richmond “Tacky Light Tour”.

Some people in town go.all.out. for Christmas.  Decorating everything that can’t fly away.  Then they list their homes on the tacky light tour registry and people drive by, and stop by, and get out and walk (see random guy, above) by to see the horrors, err, lights.

One house that I didn’t get a good photo of had their lights set to dance to the music playing on a certain FM radio station.  It was awesome.  I’ve never seen something like that except in youtube videos and movies.

My favorite house on our short tour had mostly home made decor.  It was easy to tell that these people had put a ton of time, and hard work and thought into their perfectly placed twinkling lights. Christmas on Wendhurst is certainly serious business. They say that their December electric bill jumps by $1000 each year!  What a gift to the community!

I loved this part of their decor best:

Check out that snowman bandit down at the bottom!  Too cute.

They were even very considerate about all of the family members whom might be enjoying the lights with you by providing treats for your four and two legged pets.

The yellow ribbons you can see there are on the memorial gate, the family had a son (I think) killed in action in either Iraq or Afghanistan (I’m sorry I don’t remember which, anyone who knows please enlighten me).  The gate was a nice tribute to their loved one.

I tweeted this picture that night, but it’s too funny not to share again.  This is a wooden cutout meant for children to put their faces in and “be” snowmen.  Please enjoy my snowmen:

But, the “funny lights” award for the night has to go to this place’s neighbors.

And really, I have to agree with them.  It’s the perfect display for living next door to one of Tacky Lights Richmond’s greatest.

Thanks for the lights, Richmond!


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