I like old stuff.

I like old stuff.  Mostly furniture, but also clothing styles.  Most of our furniture is antique, and I love it, but it sure makes it hard to shop for coordinating pieces.  I can’t just run down to the Rooms-To-Go and find a dining room table that won’t look ridiculous when in the same line of sight as the stuff we have.

Our stuff is what the trendy people would call “mid century modern”.  I just call it pretty.  We’re lucky enough to have had this stuff passed down to us by family members because since Mad Men became so popular purchasing mid century stuff is $$$$.  It’s trendy again, which amazes me.  I’m not usually one on the forefront of any kind of style (because I like old things, remember?)

I’ll probably talk about our other rooms later as things start coming together here in our (new) house, but for now here’s an example; our living room stuff looks like this:

I love green.  Our sofa is green too, I’ll save that for another post.  Please also excuse my crappy photos.  I’m working on it, I promise.  Our living room has a long way to come.  We need some serious accessorizing and we need to get some art and photos up on the walls, also we need an overhead light.  But the furniture, I love.


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